Wine culture with tradition.

Already 2000 years ago, the Moselle was used for winegrowing by the Romans.
The Griess-Dany family embraces this tradition in the third generation.

Moselle wine culture

The Mosel wine region is approx. 2000 years old. The Romans introduced wine to the Mosel district at around the time of Christ's birth.
Today's terraced landscape is several hundred years old.
In 1786, Archbishop Clemens Wenzeslaus advocated the planting of Riesling vines instead of the red grape varieties prevalent at the time.
He made the planting of Riesling obligatory while forbidding the planting of other grape varieties in those vineyards that were obliged to pay taxes to him.
Most of the terraced vineyards that the Griess-Dany family uses today date from Napoleonic and Prussian times.

Even today the Riesling is the most popular traditional grape variety grown in this region, which is the largest contiguous Riesling growing area in the world.

The Griess-Dany family

Wine has been made on our property since 1921, the golden age of Mosel viticulture, when the grandfather of Rainer Griess-Dany took over this estate on the banks of the Mosel. Rainer Griess-Dany is now the third generation of his family to produce wines here.

The Goldblume / Sonnenring vineyards

The Löfer Sonnenring vineyard lies on a steep slope with a gradient of up to 50 %. The terraces consist of a high percentage of blue and grey slate as well as shale and greywacke.

The Löfer Goldblume vineyard extends as far as the well-known wine town of Hatzenport in various different terrains, ranging from flat vineyards to terraced slopes.

Our Riesling

We focus on the fruity
bouqet and taste
our Riesling wines.

The Riesling grape
yields a subtle
which is
discernable in the wine.

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What distinguishes our
wine from others

The vines are up to 60 years old and produce grapes of outstanding quality. The crop size in vines of this age is reduced by around one third.

All grapes are handpicked and highest quality is guaranteed.